Titan Legal Services | Titan Legal Services - Subpoena Preparation and Records Retrieval
We are experts in subpoena preparation, records retrieval, HIPAA authorization requests and on-site document scanning. We also handle service of the subpoena or authorization upon the facility and offer a wide-range of cost-effective services to meet our client's needs.
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Easy Ordering and Status Updates

Place orders using our secure on-line ordering system. Need to check on the status of an existing order? Never miss a beat with our LIVE status notes which are available 24/7. We also accept orders via e-mail for those who do not wish to fill out any forms.

Stay Informed and in Control

Once we receive your order, you can go back to focusing on more important issues and trust us to handle your request accordingly. From an experienced subpoena preparation team to seasoned expeditors who have long-term relationships with countless records custodians, we make your job easier by effectively executing the requested tasks. We will notify you of any problems we encounter during the course of your order so a resolution may be reached quickly.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our line-item billing ensures that you are only charged for work we actually perform. Say goodbye to ambiguous flat-rate charges that usually end with the client overpaying for the services requested. Go digital and save even more by receiving your records in PDF format on our website!


Place your order

Send your order over to us and our Data Entry Team will handle it promptly.

Service of Subpoena/Authorization

All appropriate service dates will be calendared automatically and our experienced field agents will serve the documents at the appropriate time.

Retrieval of Records

Your dedicated expediting team will follow up on the records and will notify you of any problems.

Document Delivery

We will provide you with the records in the shortest amount of time possible.

Why use Titan Legal Services?

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Speedy Preparation

Most subpoenas are issued the same day WITHOUT rush charges as long as the order is placed by 3:00 p.m.

Trustworthy Knowledge

We actually host subpoena classes at respected law firms to teach the ins-and-outs of the civil subpoena process.

Stay Informed

You have a personal, dedicated team of staff following up on each of your orders and will be notified of any problems encountered so that a resolution may be reached quickly.

Technological Advantage

We only use the most up-to-date equipment and methods when it comes to scanning records so you can be sure that you receive the highest quality end product.

Experienced Staff

All members of management and leaders of expediting teams have been involved in the industry for many years.

Move Ahead

Need help with planning a subpoena or scanning project? Simply give us a call and we can discuss the matter.

People, Solutions, Value

Titan Legal Services is here for you